Featured Live Stream: Gluten Free Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies!
What's the worst part of gluten free cookies? The gritty texture. Ugh! Join me in making the best GF butterscotch oatmeal cookies that are soft in the middle and delightfully crisp on the edges - with no grit whatsoever! 

If You Have to be Gluten Free, You Are At the Right Place!

Having to be gluten free requires a community so we can inspire each other to be resilient through ideas, recipes and encouragement.

I am Maureen Schuerman and eight years ago I was diagnosed with celiac.  I was shocked to learn how difficult it is to eat food that I was used to - delicious, safe and easy to find. 

I was also encouraged by the online & in-person relationships I found with other people who had to be gluten free. When we rely on each other and share our hardships and victories, we find the food, fun and friendship to enjoy this journey.  Together, we are Gluten Free Badasses.

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Let's make being gluten free more enjoyable for each other!
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